Finally you can know about all the fun sports, concerts, and theater events in your area, or anywhere you plan to travel to, and you can check if the weather is right on the same WeathU® App anywhere you go and at any time.

Introducing the WeathU® App, the all in one new 14-day accurate weather, events and tickets App that lets you find the hottest events in your city, any other US city, and many world cities* (Some World cities, please note that events are not available in all world cities).

WeathU App lets you find out if seats are still available for the specific event you’re interested in and allows you to search events within your area, or your next destination, and enables you to purchase tickets with the touch of your fingers.

Enjoy searching hundreds of sports, concerts, and theater events. Just click on the yellow ticket icon on top of the App’s Tickets section or tap the search icon to find out if a specific event and ticket is available on the WeathU® App.

We worked hard to keep weathU® with you to isolate the next 14 Rainy Days®  of rainy weather from your current 14 weather, you can just tap the rainy cloud icon on the top command bar of the WeathU App to see which days are rainy, and share results with your friends and family.

WeathU® is a great weather app that is customizable, personable, and lovable. It lets you choose your favorite pic from your photo library or take a photo on the spot and place it as a background image to you WeathU App.

With WeathU with you , you don’t have to miss an event any more. Search for great weather, great events, and fun tickets. Plan your events and share with your friends, more importantly, get ahead before any one does and know what events are happening.

Features of WeathU App:

14 days weather forecast with humidity and other useful information

Rainy Days® forecast up to 14 days and share with your friends

Search for availability of events in your area, enjoy concerts, sports, theater and more.*

Purchase tickets and find available seats.

Change background photo, choose from sample backgrounds or your photo library or take a pic.

Share the weather with your friends and family.

Animated weather symbols and icons.

Add weather conditions, rainy days and events to your calendar

Visit our Download page to download this amazing smart app today and you will have the ability to view, search and reserve the hottest tickets for the events near you. Don’t miss out on the fun!

*Not all cities are available for events. Some cities are not included. Please email us for a certain city if you can’t find events for it.”

WeathU: Keep It With You!

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